Booking an Appointment

If you are interested in booking an appointment with Dr. Clark, you can contact him via email () or by telephone (506 459-8315).  Often the demand for CBT is greater than the available appointment times, so individuals may be put on a waitlist that can vary from 2 -10 weeks.  After indicating your interest in booking an appointment, Dr. Clark will speak with you briefly on the telephone to insure that he is the most appropriate mental health professional for your problem.

Treatment costs:  Please note that private practice psychologists are not covered by New Brunswick medicare.  There is a fee for service that follows the recommended fee structure of the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick.  Payment is made at the end of each session by cash or personal cheque. 

Many people have extended health care benefits through their employer or a family member’s plan that covers part of the costs of private psychological services.  Individuals are provided receipts and other billing information that can be used to obtain reimbursement through their health care insurer.  It is suggested that you obtain the following information about your health insurance plan before booking an appointment.   Does your plan cover the services provided by a licensed psychologist?  Does your insurer require a referral from your family physician?  What is the maximum amount that you can be reimbursed in a given year?   Does your plan cover 100% of the sessional fee, or only a percentage such as 80%? 

Confidentiality:  This practice follows the professional code of conduct established by the Canadian Psychological Association.  Information on the limits and conditions of confidentiality is provided at the first session.  No information is provided to family members, employers or other health care professions without the written consent of the client.  However, it is customary to provide an assessment and/or progress report to family physicians or other mental health professionals who referred the individual to the practice.  Also employers or insurers who initiate a referral and cover 100% of the treatment costs often request a progress report.  Reports are provided contingent on a signed Release of Information Form by the client.