Repetitive negative thoughts (RNT) is a way of thinking that is common to a number of distressing emotional states like anxiety, depression, guilt, shame and anger.  The presence of RNT contributes to the persistence of various emotional disorders.  This workbook begins by explaining the phenomena of RNT and how this cognitive disturbance plays a critical role in perpetuating personal distress and interference in daily living.  Over 55 self-help exercises, worksheets and assessment instruments are provided along with step-by-step instruction and case illustration on how to overcome repetitive negative thinking and its associated distress.  Separate chapters present research-informed strategies that are specifically designed to strengthen cognitive and behavioral skills needed to overcome worry, rumination, regret, shame, humiliation and resentment.  This is not the usual CBT workbook.  Instead it presents an array of treatment strategies that are specifically tailored to the problem of repetitive negative thinking.

This book is an extensive revision of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for OCD published by Guilford in 2004.  There are updated and expanded chapters on exposure and response prevention for OCD, new chapters on the therapeutic relationship and case formulation, and new chapters dedicated to the four major subtypes of OCD; contamination, doubt, repugnant obsessions, and symmetry/order/rearranging.  The second eition places greater emphasis on clinical skills, highlighting how some of the latest research findings in OCD has changed how  CBT should be delivered to indivdiuals with OCD.

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