This is a UK version of the Anxious Thoughts Workbook that contains extra material on the use of problem-solving to deal with unwanted negative intrusive thoughts.  As well, an additional section on the positivity ratio has been added to the final chapter on happiness, and the resource section provides a listing of wensites and other materials available in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

A second edition of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for OCD (Guilford Press, 2004) is currently in preparation.  In addition to updating chapters, the second edition will include new chapters on OCD subtypes such as fear of contamination, checking and doubting, repugnant obsessions, and order/symmetry obsessions.  As well, the revision will focus much more specifically on CBT models and treatment of OCD, with descriptions on how to offer targeted cognitive and behavioral interventions for various types of obsessions and compulsions.

Unwanted negative intrusive thoughts play an important role in the persistence and severity of anxiety and depression.  They often take the form of obsessive thinking, worry, rumination or pathological guilt.  This self-help book targets negative intrusive thoughts, introducing therapeutic strategies based on new findings on the nature of mental control.  Chapters focus on how to identify problematic intrusive thoughts, correct fauly appraisals of intrusion significance, refrain from ineffective mental control strategies, adopt more effective mental self-control, and boost the effects of positive mental intrusions. 

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